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With Suggestify, create image, text based interactive polls, ask for recommendations and get instant suggestion.

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Create text based interactive polls

  • • Add up to 10 options.
  • • Categorise your poll with the multiple hashtags.
  • • Attach reference image
  • • Set custom polls duration
  • • Disable comments or sharing of the poll by others
  • • Set poll to private
  • • Hide others from seeing who are the voters

Create image based polls

Add up to 6 images

Create image based polls and add image description for better understanding

Use our image gallery

Search beautiful images from over 4+ million image pool from Unsplash and pixabay

Hot feature

Create groups with friends

Create public/private groups with friends or like mided users ask for answers and get suggestions. Join any group you find interesting, invite others. Create polls or share some interesting facts in the group and discuss.

Comprehensive settings for you

Highly Customizable

Set each and every aspect of app according to your preference

Privacy above all

Block any user, report polls, quiet mode, hide voters and ton of other options...

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With over 150 reviews on Google play store.
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“It is an awesome app. It is a great platform to socially connect to many people, discuss on various topics, get opinions, poll and vote.”

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“The app is very attractive, user friendly & easy to use. It helps you connect to many people throughout the world and lets you get suggestions from them.”

Suggestify user

“User interface looks great, the app is very easy to use.”

Suggestify user

“It's got hindi also! My parents like it too as they prefer apps in hindi.”

Suggestify user

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